Audio Editing

After recording your podcast interview, how do you turn that audio into a podcast ready for distribution? First comes audio editing.

Audio editing is possibly the most essential part of making a podcast.
Audio editing for podcasts is very similar to audio editing for music.

Editors use different DAWs (digital audio workstations): Adobe Audition, Logic Pro X, Audacity, GarageBand, Auphonic, Descript, Reaper. My favorite is Audacity. It is straightforward to use.

There are 3 main steps to editing audio for a podcast:

  • add, remove and re-order the episode content
  • manipulate the different audio layers to create a pleasing sound
  • adding extra finesse for podcast’s sound

Here are some of the services podcast managers can cover:

  • add music, intros, outros, teasers, commercials, midrolls
  • leveling volume, noise reduction, compression, silence lip smacks, remove any plosivs, long pauses, false starts, breaths, uhms
  • exporting to MP3 or WAV
  • add ID3 tags
  • uploading final audio (Dropbox, Google Drive, Podcast Host)

Now, it is easier for you to hire a podcast editor when you have some basics.

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