Intro, Outro, Midroll

Your podcast intros and outros are what get your listener to your main content and make them want more.

The most important part of your episode is the main content; where you discuss what was promised in the title.

The podcast intro is what gets your listener to that content. And the outro helps keep them listening to more episodes. Midroll promotion is usually about 15 seconds long and gets played before the actual content of the podcast begins.

The INTRO should include:

  • brief overview of upcoming episodes
  • brief description of the podcast
  • memorable jingle or music
  • review of the show
  • sponsorships or advertisement
  • call for action/call for reviews
  • lasting less than 30 seconds


  • should be somewhere irresistible
  • mention sponsorships or advertisement
  • putting it not early not to late of the show

The OUTRO should include:

  • a thank you note
  • more information
  • call for action/call for reviews
  • teasers for the next episode or preview if already recorded


Create templates for Intro, Midroll, and Outro, to make the recording and editing process more efficient!!

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