Guest management

Interviews are so much more than just inviting a guest onto your podcast and having a conversation. They’re a chance for you and your guest to go deep with subjects your listeners love! But before the actual conversations, you need to make sure you’re properly prepared to interview your guest.

Check out these tips:

  1. Find interesting guests

When searching for great podcast guests, check out social media discussions, listen to other podcasts’ interviews, attend networking events.

2. Do proper research

Listen to other podcasts your guest has been on, take a look at their social media profiles, read things they’ve written, and be sure to note any major achievements or awards they’ve won. 

3. Prepare questions

It is always a good idea to have questions ready before the interview, and plus your guest will be more likely to give engaged and exact responses.

4. Send a pre-interview mail

Learning what your guest cares about can help you prepare better questions around them so that you can help them glow during the episode. This preparation step can also help both of you feel more comfortable before recording!

5. Create a guest bio

The best way to be prepared for the show is to create an automated form with all points that you have to fill in. Guest info should include:

  • guest’s bio
  • social media links
  • web/blog URL’s
  • any relevant links to share with your audience
  • important talking points

6. Follow up with your guest after the recording

Plan on sending them a thank-you email or letter the day after the recording, showing your gratitude for their time and expertise. Also, in a timely manner, send them an email with information about their episode release date with all relevant links and social media graphics, so they can share with their own community.

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