Podcast Launch

A successful podcast launch can lead to better rankings right at the beginning. Rankings are based on the number of subscriptions, downloads, reviews, and ratings collected in the short period of time following your podcast launch.

The second reason to plan and promote a podcast launch is that it will keep you consistently expanding your podcast fanbase.

Are you ready for a successful podcast launch strategy?

Here is what you should work on:

  1. understand how rankings work
  2. decide how often you should release episodes
  3. keep track of your stats
  4. create show notes
  5. create promotional social media content
  6. build an email list
  7. host a launch event
  8. follow launch day steps:
  • prepare audience about launch day
  • schedule launch day
  • double check everything
  • include links to: show notes, hosting platforms etc.

Get your podcast started!

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