Podcast Video Editing

A video podcast is a podcast with a video element. People love looking at faces. This means you can create more value for your audience and help them make a deeper connection with your content by adding faces via video.

Main reason why you should be using video editing software for your podcast is to increase your visual presence and boost your leads.

Benefits of video editing software are:

  • time saving
  • boosts productivity
  • eye catching videos
  • economical
  • quality videos
  • facilitates remote work

Here are 10 video editing tasks a podcast editor can complete:

  1. edit raw footage for quality and color
  2. remove bloopers
  3. insert narration, music, dialogue, etc.
  4. add subtitles
  5. add sound effects
  6. add titles, banners, and graphics
  7. add intros and outros
  8. edit order of video clips
  9. final video review
  10. publishing on YouTube

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