Guests promoting your podcast

A great way to promote your podcast is when your guests share an interview with their audiences. Always ask your guest to share and try to get a commitment.

The best way to prepare for it:

  • ask your guests in advance that you prefer them to share your interview
  • create catchy clips/audiograms with some of their quotes from the show
  • an email with a link to the episode on your website
  • Facebook is an easy way for a guest to share in their newsfeed
  • Twitter is another quick and easy way for guests to retweet and get the word out
  • create an Instagram post and tag the guest in the photo as well as in the caption so your fans know a new episode is live

Getting your podcast guests to promote their episode and your podcast overall is an important piece in building an audience around your show.

Finding ways to make it easy for them to share will be critical and the more you do, the more success you may see in growing your listeners.

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