RSS Feed

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is an important piece of technology that powers every podcast. Websites and podcast listening platforms use RSS feeds to distribute frequently updated information. Podcast directories consistently monitor RSS feeds and display the new information as it’s added to the feed.

Podcast RSS feed contains information about your show and its episodes. It then passes that information to podcast directories, each time a new episode is published.

Most podcasters use a podcast hosting provider to create their RSS feed. These are the basic steps to how the feed works using this method:

  1. After recording and editing an episode, you need to upload and store the mp3 file to a podcast hosting provider. The service acts as a warehouse, holding all of your audio files and podcast information in one secure space.
  2. In order to access what’s inside this warehouse, the podcast host generates an RSS feed link.This link then becomes the middleman between you and your audience, establishing the pathway for your episodes to leave the warehouse and be featured on podcast directories.
  3. To create that pathway, you submit the RSS feed link to each directory when you set up an account for your podcast.
  4. When someone plays your episode within Spotify, the RSS feed asks your podcast host provider for the correct audio file and seamlessly delivers the content back to Spotify then your listeners.
  5. As you continue to upload new episodes to your podcast host provider, the RSS feed automatically gives the information to each directory so your audience can access the latest content.

A great perk of RSS feeds is the connection to each podcast directory only needs to be set up once. Once the podcast hosting provider and directory are linked, a podcast’s listing will update automatically.

An RSS feed is the only way an audience can access a podcast’s content. Without an RSS feed, your podcast will not appear on your website or any podcasting directories, making it impossible for people to listen to it.

Every podcast needs an RSS feed, there aren’t any exceptions.


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